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Google Maps app, which was removed from iPhone iOS 6 about three months back has returned to the App store. With Google Maps application now, iPhone 5 and the latest 4th generation iPad will be able to provide better navigation options to the users.  Do you believe that Chineze Ainol has beat Apple in tablet? Read there.In the recent times, there have been an array of criticism towards Apple’s own implementation of Maps app based on TomTom’s navigation data.


Even police in Australia have been warning people not to use Apple Maps as there have been incidents of people going missing in the wilderness following Apple Maps navigation. In this article, let’s take a look at the new Maps app created by Google.

Right now, you can download the Google Maps app from the App store for free. It features what was previously not available in Google Maps app—turn-by-turn navigation feature. In the Apple implementation of this feature, people have been taken to unknown locations. Even Tim Cook, the Apple CEO apologized to the users for this debacle.

The reason why Apple dropped Google Maps from the app store was because it did not provide turn-by-turn navigation previously. Google had reserved this feature for specifically Android devices (see what is Android). This proved to be a bad idea for both Apple and Google, as Google lost a lot of mapping data provided by millions of iPhones and Apple lost a highly popular free app. After Apple’s own Maps proved to be a fiasco, they badly needed Google Maps back. Also, Google wanted to be back into the App store because of the revenue and data provided by immensely popular iPhone. Another major provider of Maps for iPhone is Nokia, which has released the latest implementation of its app based on HTML 5.

Google Maps app allows you to log into your Google Account and store information into it, like your home address, workplace address, etc. This will enable fast navigation information for you with the help of GPS.

Google Maps is full-fledged and has a better design. The app incorporates multi-touch gestures and swiping features. The search function at the top of the app and its menus give access to major features. One of the features that was available in Apple Maps and still not in Google Maps is the 3D mode. Google provides its own Earth app for iPhone which incorporates the 3D view. But for that, you have to get into a different app, and it may be a disadvantage.

Google Maps will be a highly anticipated change for Apple iPhone users who were very disappointed after the release of iOS without it. Although, there have been no reports about any drop in the sales of iPhone despite the failure of Apple Maps, people were highly critical of it. They can now forget the problems.


About Author: This post is guest post, specially written for from Laurel Shah-Williams who works for Blue Bugle, a technology magazine online.

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