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Practical tips on improve both content and design on your, homepage navigation labels, and calls to action to create a compelling website:

Homepage Design

web designSometimes, words are not enough to express what a specific thing is all about. For many website owners, they use flash-based homepage graphics because they convey the message of the website effectively.

However, in order to strike the right kind of reaction, your designer has to consider the emotional aspect of the design as well. Rather than filling your homepage with more content, listing down features after features, let your web designer interpret your business through design.

Navigation Labels

When it comes to navigation labels, you want to maximize user experience. You want consistency and cohesiveness because you need to elicit a specific emotion from your readers. While you can experiment with the look and feel of your labels, you need to keep the text and label positioning as straightforward as possible.

Calls to Action

Calls to action refer to texts or images that are designed to make people to take the next logical step, like make a purchase. For instance, adding “We offer amazing SEO packages that suit virtually all budgets, click here to know more” at the end of an offer will encourage your reader to click on the link and hopefully buy the product. Generally, calls to action that look like mini landing pages work great because they are compelling and they complement most website layout.

In terms of content, the message you want to convey has to be clear, concise and compelling. Effective calls to action will require impeccable text and captivating design. It has to be laid out in a way that makes it readable for readers.

What you think is good about the project could be greater if you discuss any ideas with your designer. For example, many website owners tend to think that all-text sites will help generate more targeted traffic. However, if you discuss it with your designer, chances are, you will get a better insight on how to create a persuasive website without high word count content. The creative interplay between designers and writers can make for a successful project, particularly on essential areas of conversion optimization as long as you find a balance between impeccable wording and awesome web designing.


By now you have a deeper understanding on the process it takes to create stand out posts. You have an idea how important it is to continuously analyze and fine tune your content as well as determine the profound effect of a website’s structure to elicit a specific emotion from your target audience. Can’t figure out how to plan your own project? These resources will help you build a great website as well as excellent content:

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